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Seamlessly visualize quality ellectual capital without superior collaboration and idea sharing listically

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Seamlessly visualize quality ellectual capital without superior collaboration and idea sharing listically

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Seamlessly visualize quality ellectual capital without superior collaboration and idea sharing listically

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Are you a high school student brimming with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge? Do you dream of conducting groundbreaking research alongside esteemed University Professors?


Unleash Your Potential with Research Mentorship

We understand that reaching out to university professors for research opportunities is a daunting task.

Are you one of those High school students who often send countless cold emails, only to receive silence in return?

" Bridging the gap between high school researchers and university professors! "

Our College Acceptances

Why Research Mentorship Matters

Our mentorship program is designed to provide high school students with unparalleled opportunities to engage in meaningful research projects guided by University Professors.

Our Research Results


The number of colleges that have acepted students counseling by Gifted Gabber


Our students counseled by Coach Jo and her team get accepted to 90% of colleges they apply to


We are proud of our students who have won 3+ million in scholarships in total


Our unique approach to writing essays has led to students winning multiple scholarships from colleges

How It Works

Publish Your Research

We understand that reaching out to university professors for research opportunities is a daunting task.

Choose a field that ignites your curiosity, whether it's science, humanities, social sciences, or more.

You'll be paired with a tenured university professor who will guide you throughout your research journey.

Dive deep into your chosen topic with access to university resources, libraries, and labs.

Under our Creative Writer’s guidance, craft a comprehensive research paper ready for publication.

Your work will have the chance to be published in academic journals that accept work from high school students, giving you a taste of scholarly recognition.


I would recommend this research program to someone else. I loved the style, and the overall format of the program. 1 hour sessions with Coach Jo, and then one on one discussions with Research Expert. This is an excellent way for students to create a research essay and i loved this class. My biggest win is understanding my topic and knowing what to write. The 5000 word essay, is a entertaining topic, and something I enjoy and understand.

Krish Pancholi

It is writing the paper itself since this is my first paper! I really didn’t know that I would be able to produce a result nearly as good as what I got and I’m very proud that the paper did turn out well. Coach Jo and Dr. Raj guided me though so I couldn’t have done it without them. I am able to manage my time better now which is what I struggled with the most before starting these sessions. I would definitely recommend it. I was able to write a good paper with the guidance of Coach Jo and Dr. Raj and it’s my first time too, so I know their teaching strategies work.

Dhivya Muthupalaniappan

My biggest win is that I was able to gain knowledge in something I was very interested in. I am interested in a lot of things, but this project and working with Coach Jo and Dr. Raj motivated me to finish the paper and pursue my interest in neuroscience. Coach Jo really focused on general writing skills and taking care of yourself mentally too. I really appreciated that. I would recommend this program to other students. I think a lot of students have interests, but they may have no motivation to start working on their interests. This program gives incentive.

Neha Katakamshetty

Actually solving my hypothesis. Both instructors were able to encourage me even though I didn’t do anything related to medicine or AI. Coach Jo taught me how to manage my time better and organize everything. I would 10000% defiantly recommend this program. Not just because it helped me solve my problems, but it also taught me how to manage my time and organize.

Anish Rangdal

Creating my first ever graphs and diagrams, these were such a big win for me because I have never written a research paper so I didn't know where to start or what to do, because of this I am so so so happy that I could create something like this. Coach Jo and Dr. Raj were so helpful in the process, Coach Jo helped me a lot with introducing BioRender to me and helping me figure out how it works, on the other hand Dr. Raj was very very helpful when I didn't know what graphs to make or what data I was supposed to use and he helped me get those ideas to create my graphs and diagrams! Coach Jo gave me some very great advice on how to pace myself when completing my paper, I am not very good at managing my time but she helped me a lot with that. Also, sharing my wins and having those little acheivments helped me a lot with keeping myself motivated and keeping my head up through this whole process. I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants to enhance their learning because doing this research program uses up lots of your skills and by using so many skill sets, you will become better! Also this program teaches you new skill sets like creating graphs, diagrams, writing in the proper format, even find data and information if you don't know how to do that.

Kaavya Gulia

My biggest bestest win was completing my thesis defense because it was the pinnacle of my research work and the fact that I was able to share what I was working on with everybody was really great. Dr. Raj and Coach Jo helped with my success because they helped guide me through the whole process and I don't think that I would've been able to get it done and it wouldn't have turned out as good without them. I learnt how to think in a different, more creative way, and I also learnt skills on how to learn and study better thanks to Coach Jo and her teachings. I would recommend it because it has taught me a lot of valuable skills that I will use not only in research but throughout my life. If anyone wants to further their learning and learn how to think and research properly, I would recommend this course.

Kavin Ganeshkumar

Come playing my first draft and having an in depth knowledge about my topic, None of this would have been possible without Dr. Raj’s resources and Coah Jo’s guidance. She always gave us advice as to how to manage our time and approach our work. The research program encourages students to learn more about their passion and what they could possibly do in the future. The experience I got from the program will be useful for the rest of my educational journey and beyond that as well

Nithya Mallavarapu

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